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Do it for someone else, if not you!

Recently, we adopted a 63-pound American Bulldog who’s just under 2 years old named Kylie, from the Broward Humane Society.  It was a wonderful experience and she is an awesome addition to our family.  Kylie is full of energy. She loves to walk, run and play.  Shortly after getting Kylie, I started taking her for early morning walks around the neighborhood.  Kylie plays hard most of the day, so she also likes to rest and snuggle in bed. For the first three weeks, every morning I would have to drag, beg, or bribe her to get out of bed. Once she had her leash on, it was game on, all in!  (There is a lesson in that one sentence alone: When you go, go all in!) After several weeks, it became easier to get her out of bed, she developed a habit and was quicker to get out of bed. (Another lesson: Habits formed create action; Don’t give up too soon!)

For the last several years, as my life with two daughters and a growing business got busier and busier, I often cut out my exercise routine from my to do list.  Why? Because I could cut it out with little to no noticeable effect, and my “why” to do it was smaller than other things on my to-do list.  Overall, I’m in good health, I am the same weight I have been for years, I have no known health issues, and my yearly doctor visits have all been good.  I want to exercise regularly because I enjoy it and I know it’s good for my overall health, but I haven’t been doing it recently.

Our new four-legged family member, Kylie, loves to exercise and she is tireless. She likes to walk and run.  I enjoy the morning sunrise, so daily, I walk or run with Kylie and we both love it.  Still, some days I wake up tired and don’t feel like getting up but I do it anyhow, for Kylie.  Why? Because Kylie’s health and happiness matter to me.  I wasn’t exercising regularly for myself, but I will exercise for her.  Plus, Kylie is like an accountability partner for me. On the days when I am slower to get up, she is there reminding me to get up and go.

If you are like me and have not been doing something you know you should, that you know is good for you, and you know matters, then do it for someone else and get an accountability partner to encourage you.

Find the “Why” that calls you to action when you don’t feel like it.  If you aren’t doing it for you, what about your kids, your family, your spouse, your parents, your church…what about someone else?  Act for someone else. Do it for someone else.  The more you do whatever it is you have been putting off or avoiding, the easier it gets.  Plus, an accountability partner can and will encourage and nudge you along your journey.

You can do it!

  1. Karla Smith Reply

    Thank you Angela. That was a great analogy. While I have known so much of this for awhile. It really is about it going from your head to your heart. Unfortunately, it is when life gets REALLY painful, uncomfortable or exhausting for that to realization to happen. While those circumstances in themselves are not desired, I am thankful for them because they have catapulted me into for real committing to the committing and living “all in” once and for all no matter the speed of my journey. I’m so thankful for Team National and all it has and is doing in my life far in every area. Thank you again for all you do, this encouragement and the reminder to just keep going. My why is not me it’s about those I love so dearly.
    PS…she is beautiful. One of the best breeds there is. I’ve owned several and it gets a little easier after she is 2-3 yrs old. Lol

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