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Consistent Follow Up is Key!


Have you ever been told “we will return your call at our earliest convenience”, and never received a call back? You sit around patiently by your phone waiting to be called, one day passes then two until finally three weeks later you receive the call back. By this time, you have most likely found an alternative solution for your problem, or decided to go a different way. Now, let’s say you have met a few prospects in a team meeting that are interested in signing up, and you don’t know exactly how to schedule a follow up within the appropriate time frame. Below are a few tips to help you follow up:

1.Manage your Time: Create a time-managed schedule. It is important to keep the interest alive with the prospect. If you wait too long they may consider not signing up. Studies show it can take one to three days for someone to lose interest, make sure you don’t go longer than two days without reaching out.

2. Have a Plan: When reaching out to your prospect, make sure you are well prepared to answer their questions. If you don’t know the answer, respond by saying “That is a good question, I will provide you with the correct answer when I get it”. This way the prospect won’t feel like you’re being dishonest.

3.Check in: Some people are too busy with life and the day to day activities. Make sure you check in periodically, but don’t come off as pushy. You can send an email, leave a voicemail or if you know where they live you can stop by and say hi. Sometimes, people may lose interest if you do, so remember to remind them of how you can change their lives by introducing them to the Team National Membership.


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