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Overcoming Procrastination

Have you thought about what has stopped you from living the life you dream of? If that question was asked to a large crowd, the overwhelming response would probably be financial restrictions, when in fact the real reason is typically procrastination. There are many factors that contribute to procrastination. Studies have shown that procrastination is primarily fear-driven. Fear of conflict, failure, judgement, and most of all, fear of the unknown. Below are a few tips to help you overcome procrastination.

Deactivate Destructive Thinking: When you think of a task, pay attention to the thought that comes to mind that mentally prohibits you from believing you can do it. You can start by dedicating five minutes before starting your day, and say something positive to yourself. As you progress, you will notice the fear decreases when you approach a small or large task.

Put it in Writing: To begin, narrow down what you are targeting to achieve, then write it down. This helps bring visualization to what you want to get done. If you are a visual person, bring your ideas to life by creating a Dream Board.

Dedication: Being dedicated means you should commit to your goals. To identify your commitment, you must recognize the purpose. Find the meaning behind the mission you are pursuing, and work every day towards them. You will face obstacles that will present themselves on your journey; but with dedication and commitment, great accomplishments can be seen.


    Great read!

  2. Jean Willis Reply

    Say something positive to yourself ALL DAY long.

  3. Linda Johnson Reply

    It’s always a good day to read and share helpful words on this self-esteem killer. You can overcome procrastination. It’ll take time and persistence, as well as someone to hold you accountable. Don’t listen to a bullying conscience – lighten up and have a good laugh at the things your mind can come up with to delay what you were really supposed to do! Then go produce something good! Give yourself a pat on the back and do one more thing if you can. If I can overcome that bad habit, you can too.

  4. Helaine Barrington Reply

    I told my son, each day, when he was 5 yrs old, that he was going to be a great college football player one day. I told him he would be an All American one day. Dec 22, 2016, he stepped out on the ATT stadium football field, as a Blue Grey All American West Team starting defensive end, he was offered a walk on with the Oklahoma Sooners, and signed with Division II Southeastern Oklahoma State, on Feb 1, the 1st ever National Signing Day ceremony at his high school.
    Now, to coach myself–

  5. Todd Barrett Reply

    Procrastination is a silent killer.
    We should all be proud of what we do in this business. We can’t be afraid of the “no’s”. We aren’t selling a product. We are offering people a chance to save money on 95% of all the purchases they make for the rest of their lives.
    A common side effect of saving so much is actually making some money along with the savings. We never feel bad about getting a ‘no’. We always feel like we are doing a good deed for others and offering a great full service to those that can see it. There is no excuse for procrastinating, in fact if you’re looking for an excuse, any excuse will do. We are all better than that!!! Go TN!!!

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