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Louisiana Flood

When thousandscreen-shot-2016-10-31-at-3-31-00-pms were affected by the flood in Louisiana this summer, we felt called to help. Part of the founding principles of Team National is being humble, having gratitude and giving back. One of our leading membership savings benefits is Team National Factory Direct.  We decided to donate mattresses to those that applied for need during the allotted timeframe.  Chris Ramcharitar worked with our mattress supplier to give us a great price, and to coordinate a consolidated delivery. “It is a true blessing to be part of a company whose hearts and minds are focused on helping people’s lives. This is a prime example of servant leadership, where we were fortunate enough to demonstrate it in an unfortunate situation like this.” – Chris Ramcharitar, Vice President of Factory Direct. We donated around $100,000 dollars in mattresses to the flood survivors.  Our supplier was terrific, and our rep Whitney Spiecha even came to help unload.  It was inspiring, amazing and heartbreaking.

The TN members shared their losses, fears, hope, and gratitude. It was one of the most memorable & heartfelt TN events & programs we’ve been a part of.  The Team National Louisiana leaders united together to support, assist, love and care for each other in such a beautiful way.  It wasn’t about status, age, race, or background.  It was about unity, caring, friendship and love, and that is what makes TN and America great.  TN has been blessed with great growth over the years and because of that, we could help TN LA members in need.

  1. Dawn Davis Reply

    Absolutely love this company and especially the servant leaders that have helped so many!! Seeing such an inspirational example and seeing them help so many is AWESOME!! Thank you and God Bless!!

  2. Annette G Moreaux Reply

    Team National is an awesome company!!! The love that was shown during the Louisiana flood to the victims was God blessed…. I thank God for being a TN member….

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