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National Coffee Day



Did you know that a cup of coffee can offer many benefits? Studies have shown that drinking one cup a day can help reduce diabetes, increase energy levels and even aid in fighting depression. About 4.1% of people in the U.S. currently meet the standards for clinical depression. Studies have also shown that coffee may carry more antioxidants than both fruits and vegetables. Below are some new ideas on how to brew your favorite Team National Roast.

Cappuccino – Steam the milk, whip the milk with an electric mixer, then mix in with coffee.

Espresso – Fill bottom half of stove top Espresso with water, add coffee to filter, once coffee rises, remove from stove, add sugar if desired, then serve.

Iced – Pour a cup of freshly brewed coffee in a cup, load up with ice, add sugar if desired. Make it fun and top with some nonfat whip cream.

Coffee with Milk – Fill a cup with the desired amount of coffee, warm up milk (coconut milk, almond milk, or nonfat milk), add sugar and Enjoy.

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