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Tips on First Impression

Tips on First Impression

As we adjust our paddles and steer our way through this “techy era”, the interaction between people becomes less stimulating. We possess these electronic devices and somehow can’t seem to stop obsessing over them. I mean how could you not? They help remind you of that important meeting, capture special moments and even help you calculate a tip for the awesome waiter that served you lunch. Technology aids us by allowing us to professionally deliver presentations, schedule reminders, and even assist some of us on day to day living.

In the business world, what technology fails to remind us is the skill of the first impression.

Below are four quick tips to leave an impeccable impression on a potential business partner.

Body Language: Good posture and a relaxed manner exude confidence. You want to assure your posture correlates with your confidence. Before reaching your destination, take a few minutes to review your presentation and recharge.

Smile: Smiling during a presentation for some of us can be hard – especially if you are nervous. Can you believe that there are jaw exercises that help you relax? Try opening your mouth and pushing your jaw outwards a few times and then side to side. This will help you relax, and will assist with the delivery of your words.

Eye Contact: Making eye contact with your audience is essential when giving a presentation. This sends off a signal of comfort, and it lets everyone in the room know that you are present and that they have your undivided attention.

Attire: Looking polished is also an important part of making a good first impression. Make sure you iron your clothes, style your hair and pop in a few breath mints. Arriving in a well-dressed manner indicates a sign of confidence and respect.

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  1. Tatiana Reply

    One study found that it just takes 100 milliseconds after meeting you, for that first impression. Another suggested that people form an opinion of you the second they hear your voice.

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