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Business Development Call – December 7th

Host – National Sales Director & Double Platinum Robert Fason

How exciting! Coast to coast people out there are excited about Team National …Sharing the solution to the number one problem in America today…

Showing people how to put more of their hard-earned money back in their pockets by saving them money and showing them a secondary income stream that could literally be on a part time basis. Folks it doesn’t get any better than that.

Today’s call focuses on the points on mastering the basics of building a multi-million dollar business with Team National…

Our system, our business model, is straight forward. You don’t have to learn new things, you just have to continue to get better at the little things, in other words master the basics. Be consistent. The more you do them, the better you get. The better the odds will be in your favor that something good will come of these efforts.

Our New Year Kick Off is coming up, Saturday, January 7, 2012. Be sure to attend one near you. . Get registered and bring other team members and guests. Bring as many people as you can! This is going to be the hottest NYKO in our history. You will not be disappointed.

Our NYKO video will highlight all that we’ve accomplished in 2011 and big announcements for 2012.

Start now to fill the pipeline for the new year.

2012 will be the banner year for Team National and for your business too, if you plug in and master the basics.

Now is holiday time which is the perfect time to share/introduce this concept, at office parties and at family get-togethers. Now is a time of giving and fellowship and joy, people are naturally more open to opportunities.

Resolutions (goals) – over 75% of resolutions are given up on within the first week. Isn’t that crazy.

Get them involved and engaged where they can get in on some of the personal growth as well, like Success Club. Maybe that way we can help people stick to their resolutions.

When people attend NYKO, many sign up. That’s my bold prediction from my years of experience.

We have what every wants and needs. The 2 solutions to today’s economy:

     1. Spend less
     2. Earn more

And all the while, have fun doing it.

“ ‘The Strangest Secret’, by Earl Nightingale is the audio tape that turned my life around years ago. I was told to listen to it 21 times. It changed my whole thinking process. Mentality – don’t settle on your dreams and goals. You become what you think about.  The results and after effects can be phenomenal.”  – Robert Fason

Personal growth and self help is a daily process. Continue to work on you. Get your mind and attitude right.

“Biggest year in our history is coming up. Share what we got with everybody you know. Take advantage of that. Don’t burn bridges…The ones that say no today, may say yes in 2012.  Give yourself a gift and get on success club. Personal growth is an investment in you and your success. It’s also on the product program as well. “ –  Robert Fason

Another great tool is our “Why Before The How” audio. Figure out why you are doing this before you start. Here’s a little exercise. Just write down a number on a pad. Something big and just visualize that money coming into your life. What would you do with it? What would change?  What would you do with that money? Pick out 2 or 3 things that stand out. Be specific on what you want and get your visual description of these things (pictures) and put these up on your dream board. These will become auto pilot and second nature to you.  

Just get up and do it. You just need to know what you are going after. People that expose the business the most have the best chance of finding the good ones.

Why do people quit? Or what holds them back?

Number 1 reason – fear of rejection.

Overcome that by:

“Go for “yes” but understand you get paid for the “no’s” too.”  – Robert Fason

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