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Cheer People On

Recently, my 8 year old daughter, Sydney, had a school charity fundraiser called FunRun. It was super cool and the neat part was cheering her on the day of the race! Phil and I were among the few families in which both parents were able to attend that day. We are blessed that we could both go because of Team National. She loved it.

The kids raised money for their school and others in need. They ran laps. They were encouraged to run 25 to 35 laps. The most laps they would allow the kids to run was 35. Around lap 13, a lot of kids got tired and some stopped. Phil and I encouraged Sydney to keep going. At 25 laps, she was getting tired. We encouraged her to go one more lap, then one more, then one more. We cheered her on to keep going. She ran all 35 laps! I believe if we weren’t there, she would have given up at 25. The lesson is to encourage others daily! You even need to encourage yourself at times.

S. Truett Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A says: “How do you know if someone needs encouragement? They are breathing!”

So true we all do all the time.

Cheer someone on today!
Angela Loehr Chrysler

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