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Monday Call – February 21st

Get a $25 per person discount off convention registration until February 23, for more information visit Inside Team National at
Website Changes
Changes behind the login are coming soon
Easier navigation with less clicks to get to your destination
We will be adding a speed test to the website that will test your internet speed and see if you are eligible for TN TV
We will also provide a list of high speed internet suppliers in your area
Cruise Promo
Be sure you are working hard towards the cruise. Anyone who makes 36 points will be going on the cruise!
Current Leaders
·         Terri Bockleman
·         Mike Mathes
·         Gerald Taylor
·         Becky Davidson
·         Suzanne Nolan
Convention Pre-Order
Attending the Kansas City Convention? Want free shipping on furniture? Pre-order your furniture and pick it up at convention with now shipping & additional discounts! Visit the TNFD Home Furnishings Home page for more info
Furniture Sales
Last year retail furniture and bedding sales reached $82.5 Billion dollars. This is a lot of people who should be saving money with TNFD
Team National’s Accidental Furniture Protection Plan
We will soon be adding the ability to purchase coverage that covers:
·         All accidental stains excluding accumulation*
·         Accidental rips, tears, burns, and punctures
·         Accidental scratch, gouge, chip, or dent that penetrates the top coat of hard surface finish
·         Water or beverage marks or rings
*Warranty Coverage is 5 years for all accidental stains

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