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Business Development Call – February 9th

 The convention buzz, excitement, synergism, and momentum are continuing to build as we are adding a new twist to our March “Imagine” convention.  For the first time ever, during the convention, we will be featuring an all access, all leadership day you simply won’t want to miss.
Early Bird registration ends Wednesday, February 16. 
So, don’t delay, get registered today, visit for more information!
The Success Club is packed with great information every month. The book, Goals – 10 Rules for Achieving Success, is yet another terrific read. One of the most important rules here is to Take Purposeful Action.  This is true even in your daily life. 
For example, do more than just simply attend our “Imagine” convention in March. Be sure to take notes, fellowship and be in our all day leadership training and get great nuggets.
Don Garrison – Eagle Winner & Double Platinum
Increasing the results you are getting through quality appointments and effective power plays
Tips to Quality Appointments:
1 – supportive spouses are helpful. Talk with couples.
2 – talk with the decision-maker, if only one person can be present (qualifying person).
3 – Facts tell, stories sell. Be sure to have some great testimonials lined up.
3 – understanding of our marketing plan
4 – Try to be in a quiet place with limited or no interruptions

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