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Business Development Call – January 26th

Eagle Winners are Double Platinums who have achieved the ultimate success through productivity, duplication, and development of their downline leaders. This is an elite group, as this esteemed honor can only be won once and is awarded once a year.
Our Mid Winter Business Meeting will be a terrific opportunity for Platinums, especially the newest ones, to learn from our elite and then share great nuggets with their downline. This in turn, will have impact on our entire sale field.

Ryan Chamberlin & the Steffes’

2010 Soaring with the Eagles winners, Double Platinums Ron & Sheila Steffes

Steffes’ Nuggets for Success

  • Hard work, dedication & family support
  • Personal growth – always growing, always learning
  • By attending national conventions, you get to see the big picture. That was the keystone to success for the Steffes’.
  • Continually, encourage your people to dial in to the weekly conference calls and promote going to local trainings, Super Saturdays, regional and national events.
  • Keep moving forward and build momentum.
  • Little things matter (details) – multitasking & time management
  • Earn while you learn
  • Build long-lasting relationships

“Can’t make people do what they don’t want to do. But, you can find people that want to do what they want to do.” Ron Steffes.

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