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The Choice is yours… Happiness is a decision

My father and mentor, Dick Loehr, taught me early in life that happiness is a decision. My dad battled cancer for 10 years and he smiled through it. He inspires me all the time to smile. Some moments are harder than others. Yet, you can choose happiness. Recently, my family went to Walt Disney World. It was easy to choose happiness while enjoying sunshine and magical moments at the Magic Kingdom. Yet, on our second day there it rained, it was cold and our luau at Polynesian resort was cancelled. We stayed happy, we wore rain ponchos, we laughed, and we shopped. We watched shows and enjoyed lunch. Our third day was colder than all others, it was snowing in northern Florida and there was a wind chill advisory. Plus, my mom got really sick the evening before, with a stomach virus. We didn’t want to leave her and it was probably too cold to go to the park anyhow. So, we decided to go home. Honestly, as we left I was having a hard time choosing joy. My mom is sick, my vacation was cut short, my daughter is sad and I was sad too!

On our drive home I decided the best way to shake my sadness and choose happiness was to think of all my blessings. As I thought of all I am grateful for I felt better and the list is long; my family, my health, my beautiful house, my friends, Team National, my church, my dogs, my car, 2 great days at Disney, money to drive home, money to come back, TN staff, TN success, healthy daughter and husband, money for lunch, nice neighbors…the list goes on and on. I choose every morning to be happy and grateful. I also remind my 6 year old daughter every day it is going to be great day. An attitude of gratitude helps me choose joy. And, I also think of my dad and his decision to smile through his cancer.

Abraham Lincoln said it best “People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

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