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Content or Leaving Mentality

Being content is a state of mind. Some look at being content as a lack of ambition. I disagree. You can be content right where you are and work toward your goals. Content people are usually happy people. They are typically the people you enjoy being around. They see the glass as half full, and are happy with rain, sun or snow. Content people draw people to themselves naturally. They don’t allow their circumstances to affect their state of mind. Content people live their lives knowing “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it,” says John Maxwell.

Have you ever moved? Have you changed jobs? Have you had a broken relationship? All of these can cause leaving mentality, which is when people are typically ending something and they see all that is wrong instead of all that is right. Recently, I caught myself with moments of leaving mentality. Next month Team National is moving into a new multi-million dollar facility. I have been looking at things in our current facility and saying “I won’t miss this, I never liked that, this is unattractive” and then I heard myself and realized that is the wrong attitude. We have been blessed to be in our current facility for 10 years. It has served us well. I realized it was only because I was leaving, that I started seeing what I wasn’t happy with. I have changed my thinking to see all the good at our current facility. Leaving mentality happens to us all. I know people who have had the leaving mentality in their relationships and in business. Unfortunately, they started focusing on all that was wrong, then they thought about leaving and doing something else. Yet, their leaving mentality didn’t serve them well. Instead, it caused them to have the wrong attitude and too often make poor decisions.

I encourage you to not allow leaving mentality to last days or weeks. Leaving moments will happen, but you can overcome them quickly as I did recently. I am content with our current office and with my life in general. Although, I am still striving to do more, to be more and to be the best. Yet, I am content. I love our new facility and still I am grateful for what I have today, even the things I want to improve!

Strive to find contentment in your life, your business, your relationships. I believe content people = happy people.

– Angela

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