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Character Matters and Some are a Cut Above

Recently, I went out of town for the Success from Home photo shoot. Team National will be featured in the magazine in March. And, prior to leaving I was busy as most people are before a business or vacation trip. My flight was leaving early on a Thursday morning. It was the Monday before and I thought to myself “I should get a haircut before the photo shoot, they are considering putting me on the cover of the Magazine, I should look my best.” Well Monday came and went and it was now Tuesday around 5:30 when I thought again “I should get my haircut” I called my local salon Design 4000 confidant my gal, Gina would be able to squeeze me in that evening or Wednesday, I had plenty of time before my Thursday am flight. I was surprised to find out Gina was gone for the day and off on Wednesday. Panic now sank in I have gone to Gina for 5 years. She is super. The receptionist, whom I also know and is super, calmly said “Well, what about someone else just this once?”

Here is where true character shined. I got an appointment with Jimmy, which was a blessing and a gift. Jimmy sits next to Gina and is one of the busiest hairstylists there. He books out 4 weeks in advance. When I called he just got a cancellation at a time that was perfect for me…although I was going to make anything work. Until that day, I never thought about why Jimmy is so busy. Naturally you would assume he is good at what he does, and he is, or that he has cut hair a long time, and he has. Yet, I am confidant that is only part of why he is busy. It’s also because he has character that has clients plan well in advance and sometimes wait 4 weeks for a cut. When I arrived at the salon, Jimmy said “Are you with me tonight? Why?” I explained what happened and my panic of not getting my haircut and he said “Ok I understand, I was going to call Gina when I saw you were my next client.” He proceeded to give me a terrific cut, he followed the cut Gina had given me prior, and so I didn’t have a new look just a fresh haircut. And, we had a nice time talking about a variety of topics, how he started cutting hair, why, how long, and normal chit chat. Yet, I realized later not once did he try and convince me to see him and not Gina, instead at different times he would comment politely about Gina and how he enjoyed working next to her. When the cut was over he followed me to the counter and said “How much does Gina charge you?” I told him and he said “Great, that’s how much it will be tonight. Have a super trip.” I said “Jimmy you can charge me whatever you charge that’s only fair, you did me a favor and it was on your time.” He said “No you are Gina’s client, she would do the same for my clients.”

Jimmy’s true character showed. He had an opportunity to convince me I should see him and instead he showed me an example of a true friend with great character. He had Gina’s back the minute I walked in the door. It was refreshing. It says a lot about him and her. Too many people would have seen this situation as an opportunity to win a new client. I think those that do think that way, would have short term thinking. Plus, for me it wouldn’t past the golden rule test of do unto others and you would want done to you. I challenge all to be like Jimmy and practice the golden rule in life and business.

I got a great haircut, I felt good for the photo shoot, but most importantly Jimmy was a cut above and showed great character. Thanks Jimmy!


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